Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ummm ... You Didn't Make Me Say It

This is my 200th entry here at No More Hornets and so I thought it might be a good time to answer a question posed today by my friend Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist.

Hemant asks: Why Do You Blog?

Here's the answer I left him:

The reason I blog is so that those of us who don’t blog for any reason have a voice in the Atheosphere.

I think that may be a version of Russell's paradox, but I'm not a philosopher so I can't be sure.

(H/T to PhillyChief, whose blog has my favorite title. And thanks for the surprise graphic.)


PhillyChief said...

That's certainly a noble reason, but I have no idea what Bill Russel has to do with your answer or what he ever had to say about paradoxes.

I of course bow to your great taste in recognizing quality blog titles. :)

Soldierwhy said...

Congrats on the 200th post!

I'm sure I understand your answer to the question 'Why do you blog?' but then I am quite drunk so it may not make quite so much sense in the morning.;)

I'll have a drink to 200 more!

Anonymous said...

Dittos (megadittos) on the congrats. You seem to go for quality over quantity. At least, the quality's been good since I started reading.

Anonymous said...

Who made up the rule that bloggers have to have reasons for blogging? Did I miss another memo?

Anyway, congrats on #200. Keep 'em coming, even if you don't have a reason to do so.

John Evo said...

I blog as a primal scream into cyberspace. I know that's hardly original, but it sums it up so nicely that I can't resist it. I don't feel like I have anything original to say, or that I'm likely to change any minds in a direct sense. I think Ex does it in part because he is a writer and it's an easy way to hone ones craft. I don't have an illusion that this will lead to anything in my case. I like to share interesting things I've seen or learned, to people who already have a tendency to think like I do. Not that you asked me....

The Exterminator said...

Actually, Philly, the Russell I was referring to was Jane. Talk about a pair o' docks.

My posts always seem to make more sense to people who are looped.

You seem to go for quality over quantity.
Actually, I go for neither quality nor quantity. I go for quiddity.

Did I miss another memo?
There was no memo. There was just a huge article in The War Cry.

I blog as a primal scream into cyberspace.
And here we all thought that it was just the sound of whining.

John Evo said...

You're narrowing me down Ex. You've got me at "unduly optimistic crybaby", but I think there are still a couple of things missing. Keep working on the fuller picture.

Spanish Inquisitor said...

200? That at least calls for a rare graphic, doncha think?

Me, I blog 'cause it's there. The atheosphere, that is.

The Exterminator said...

It's good to have a friend who's a topnotch artist, eh?

Spanish Inquisitor said...

It must be true! "Ask and you shall receive"

PhillyChief said...

Flickr is great. Who would have imagined someone would have actually photographed dead hornets?

Anonymous said...

You have a bludger and a flying broomstick? Wow.