Sunday, May 20, 2007

An Ill-Favored Thing, Sir, But Mine Own

I’ve made it a point on this site to include only original material. If I have nothing clever or insightful to say, I don’t dig around for someone else’s hilarious video or cartoon to throw onto my page, or hunt for another person’s post that I can reprint in toto with a mere attribution. I also try not to rehash the same philosophical discussions that atheists have been having since the first primitive freethinker looked at a proto-priest's cave painting and said, “Hey, that’s bullshit.”

If it was a slow news day — and if I’m also out of off-the-wall ideas — I usually just don’t blog.

However, we all know that the massive webehemoth needs to be fed. Our aggregators demand aggregating, and our stat counters cry out for stats to count.

So this is my nothing post for today.

Perhaps you’ve also got nothing that trips your trigger to write about today. Feel free to commiserate with me in a comment.

If you can’t come up with a subject for today, though, please don’t lift an entire post of mine and print it on your own blog. It may be difficult to believe, but I work hard to craft my posts to provide my readers — as few as they may be — with entertainment, information, and food-for-thought. I like to think that my auctorial voice is uniquely my own; it doesn’t sound right coming out of your mouth. If you enjoy something I’ve written, or hate it, by all means provide a well-appreciated link. Print a short quote, as long as you tell your readers that I was its source. Go ahead and use my ideas as jumping-off points to generate your own. But don’t substitute whole chunks of my good stuff for your nothing post.


vjack said...

Has somebody been lifting your stuff? I hate it when that happens, but I suppose it is the price of blogging in a way.

Anonymous said...

Agree completely about post-lifting. It's happend to me too, and it's annoying. Recently someone copied and pasted an entire article of mine and reprinted it in a discussion forum, and although they put in a link, they (quite deliberately, in my opinion) made it seem as if they were the author.

If you've got nothing to say, say nothing. Better still, have something to say, and say it. If you're having a touch of writer's block, by all means point your readers towards a blog where the author does have something to say. But do it with a link to give them the traffic they deserve, not reprint the whole thing to boost your own.

I'm quite worked up now. I'm off to kick the cat :P

nullifidian said...

Um, I have a blogroll that's acts as an aggregator and takes feeds of those blogs I like. Is this the sort of thing that you're not keen on, or is it more the wholesale lifting articles as filler for an otherwise empty blog?

If you want off my blogroll, please let me know. The only person that seems to read it from the stats is me, but if you'd rather not be there, I'm happy to oblige. In fact, perhaps I should re-think how that whole thing works...

(Apologies for deleting the previous comment, I had a brain fart.)

The Exterminator said...


Your aggregator blogroll is most definitely NOT the culprit I'm referring to. What I admire about you is that you actually go out of your way to say: I didn't write these posts, so attribution is due to those that originally wrote the articles. Each post has a link to the originating blog. Should you want to comment or read more from the author, please check out their own blogs. In other words: Hey, readers, there are other blogs besides mine that you might enjoy visiting as well.

You also give blog authors the chance to opt out of the aggregator, if they so desire.

By all means, Null, continue to aggregate my posts. I'm flattered that you chose to include me.

You hit the nail on the head, though, when you mentioned the wholesale lifting articles as filler for an otherwise empty blog. That's what I meant: cut-and-paste jobs that could be performed by a not-so-bright two-year-old.

nullifidian said...

TBH that's a recent addition. It didn't occur to me initially that some people might have thought that I wrote those posts (I thought the big "blogroll" title might have given it away) but you never know...

I added it after reading your original post about this, and just wanted to give credit where it's due, because I certainly appreciate all the time and effort that the bloggers I like put into their blogs.

Thanks for the heads-up re aggregating. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

@ Nullifidian,

I've just fired you off an email, but essentially I echoe everything The Exterminator said. I did not even remotely have you in mind when I had my little rant :)