Friday, December 14, 2007

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Nonbelieving Literati

DEAR EXTERMINATOR: I am 58 years old.
Some of my little friends say there is no Nonbelieving Literati.
Papa says, 'If you see it in NO MORE HORNETS it's so.'
Please tell me the truth; is there a Nonbelieving Literati?

Yes, Virginia, there is a Nonbelieving Literati. It exists as certainly as freethinking and literature and intelligent conversation exist. In fact, Virginia, the discussion of The Sparrow will begin tomorrow. In the next few days, John Evo will announce a new selection.

Not believe in Nonbelieving Literati! You might as well not believe in John Evo, and Spanish Inquisitor, and Ordinary Girl, and Enonomi, and Sacred Slut, and Yinyang, and the Ridger, and Ute, and . . .

No Nonbelieving Literati! A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, as long as some server continues to hold every stray thought and piece of drivel launched into the Atheosphere, Nonbelieving Literati will still be around to lay a guilt trip on those bloggers who haven't finished their reading on time.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm already a non-believer (check off one criterion). How do I become a literati?

The Exterminator said...


You become a Nonbelieving Literatus merely by asking how to become one. So you're in. If you look at my side-column, you'll see a link to the original post describing the idea for the group.

Because I'm such a nice guy, I'm not gonna make you hunt, though: Nonbelieving Literati

Also, when you read this, could you please leave a test comment so we can see if the new "Sign-in using" feature is actually working? Blogger has been really fucked up but they claim the problem is fixed and that we'll now be linking to commenters' blogs again. I'm dubious, but select WordPress and fill in the info the screen asks for.


Anonymous said...

This is my test comment.

Anonymous said...

Huh. My first test comment didn't link to anything.

Okay. I got it right this time. Just type in the URL and skip the nickname part.

Anonymous said...

Okay - As you can see, my link goes to the chapel, but my name is not quite right. I think Blogger may need to do some more fixing.

the chaplain

Unknown said...

A better myth than Santa any day.

I wrote my post last night, but I'm still editing. I've been good, really. Don't whack me on the knuckles this time!


The Exterminator said...


Why am I not surprised?

Late last night/early this morning I discovered a few other features that no longer worked properly.

For one thing, the names of my posts no longer show up on my archive list if you click on an arrow next to any month earlier than August. If you want to find a post, by name, before that, you have to click on the month. That pulls up the entire month's worth of entries. Then you have to skim through them (manually or with the "Find" feature) to see if you've even got the right damn month in the first place. This "improvement" pisses me off, and I don't know how to fix it. (If anyone does know, please leave instructions here, or email them to me. Thanks.)

The second screw-up was in my comments section. If you happened to access it in its full-screen version, by clicking on the name of the post, the comments looked cock-eyed. Each one was followed by the usual date/time and garbage can. But then, on the very same line, sat the name of the next commenter, as if the date/time referred to him or her. I discovered that this aberration was not universal across Blogger; it happened only with certain templates. Fortunately, I was able to go into the code, and fix that annoyance. (I'll be happy to pass on instructions to anyone who needs them.)


Anonymous said...

I think I fixed it in WP.

Anonymous said...

No - I guess not.

Anonymous said...

Last try.

Anonymous said...

Dammit - the nickname shows up in the preview, and then when I hit the publish button it goes back to the chapel. I quit.
-the (pissed off) chaplain

EnoNomi said...

I've started mine, but today our company is having their Holiday luncheon and after three glasses of wine... well it's better to do no writing than bad drunkin writing.

Unknown said...

it's better to do no writing than bad drunkin writing

But there's no deadline, so that doesn't let you off the hook! :)

Anonymous said...

13 comments. I thought I missed a lot, then see it's just The Chaplain. She's playin' with the comments, when she needs to read a book by tomorrow!

Anyway, I'll be late on mine. Probably really late. I'm still only on page 240. Between work, family shit, and the upcoming holidays, I just haven't read anything but blogs.

And we had our Xmas party this PM, also, so not only can't I rite rite, I can't read. (hic)

And what is it with this new sign in shit. Don't they realize I've been drinking? (double hic)

The Ridger, FCD said...

I finished. My post will be up tomorrow, I hope - I'm flying out in the evening but should have the post finished well before then.

John Evo said...

"Spaninquis" (Bahahahaha!!) said:
Probably really late. I'm still only on page 240.

Bud, you are WAY ahead of the Evolutionary Middleman. But I guess that's small comfort. :)

Hey, at least I can goof on your new name! LOL!

the blogger formerly known as yinyang said...

Considering that it's finals week and I had to read two books for this time (since I didn't do Lamb yet), I am obviously going to be late.