Monday, December 03, 2007

Attention GodMart Shoppers

[NOTE: Vjack has a post today linking to a story at Democracy Now! that tells about Christian retailers and churches in the United States selling crucifixes produced by Chinese sweatshops. That information helped me understand the following announcement, which I heard this morning while doing my Christmas shopping.]

I can't get this fucking mike to turn ... ATTENTION GODMART SHOPPERS:

We are removing all Buddha Bob brand crucifixes from our shelves due to the potential for lead poisoning. If you have one in your cart, please pray to it for one last time and then return it to the display where you found it, in front of check-out aisle 666. You may also give your cross to one of our many in-store elves who are wearing protective gloves and mask.

Copies of the Christian Poor Editing Society’s Bible are being recalled because the word “not” has erroneously been omitted from Exodus chapter 20, verses 2 through 17 and Deuteronomy chapter 5, verses 6 through 21. These passages are commonly known as “the Charlton Heston Movie.” We apologize for any inconvenience the typos may have caused you, your neighbor, or your neighbor's wife. The Bad News for Morons New Testament is also slightly flawed in that our Lord’s name has been spelled throughout as C-R-S-H-I-T. You may return these books for a full refund. Or pick up a free Santa’s List marker and make the corrections yourself.

Please be advised that our Fisher-of-Men candy canes are, in fact, intended to taste like sardines. The management regrets that it cannot accept returns of unwrapped or licked candies. We will, however, allow you to trade those candies for any of our other wonderful unwrapped or licked food products.

Customers wishing to buy the Rolling Eyes Baby Jesus should be warned that the removable rolling eyes are a choking hazard for children under three as well as for inebriated adults. Note, too, that the odor from the frankincense accessory available as a separate purchase for your Three Magi Gift Set may induce vomiting, and is not advisable for use by any persons allergic to peanuts, shellfish, or camel dung.

Our weekly special on the Silent Night Ambient Sounds Sleep Machine has been suspended after customers pointed out that the item didn’t make any noises whatsoever when plugged in. We thought this would be evident from the name of the device, but once again we've overestimated your intelligence. Your machine may be exchanged, no questions asked, for the Manger-Smell Aromatherapy System.

We’re sorry for the misunderstanding at the factory producing our lovely Rudolph Visits Bethlehem paintings on velvet. Apparently, the foreman had red-green colorblindness. Substitute, self-sticking noses are available by mail from the manufacturer. Be warned, though, not to lick the adhesive, since it tastes like sardines and is made from non-sterilized reindeer hooves.

Unfortunately, we have to report that the Virgin-Mary Pop-Out-a-Baby Doll is no longer available. But we're pleased to announce that the store still has a large supply of Joseph "Who-Did-It?" talking action figures and Make-It-Yourself Flying Invisible Penises. Be aware that the FIP kit may appear to be missing a small piece, but that omission is intentional.

Any volunteers wishing to roam through the store shouting “Merry Christmas” at our patrons are encouraged to do so. The “ability to smile” requirement has been relaxed. We do continue, however, to urge our volunteers not to punch anyone.

Thanks for shopping at GodMart, where you can follow the star ... to savings.

All right, now how do you turn this goddamn thing ...


Babs Gladhand said...

This is brilliant! And oh how I wish I could have a Flying Invisible Penis - as long as it had a remote control.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. You have a great imagination.

tina FCD said...

Laughing my ass off! Very good imagination.

Ute said...

LOL... brilliant!!

DaVinci said...

You forgot about the recall of the non-hypo-alergetic strawmen punching bags in the sports department.

Love it.

Anonymous said...

Can i give you a stermy for this?

(Why have your comments got so exclusive though? No remembered gmail account or password, no non-anonymous comment...)

The Exterminator said...

I think those exclusivity features you're referring to are Blogger's (read "Google's") idea. I had nothing to do with them. As far as I'm concerned, anyone should be able to write anything in a comment here -- except a blatant ad.

You can't give me a Stermy because I've been disqualified; it seems I got caught trying to bribe the judge. (I bought myself a package of Hostess Sno-Balls, if you must know.)

Spanish Inquisitor said...



Does Godmart doesn't sell this?

PhillyChief said...


Some other products you might want to check up on as far as being hazardous or made by prison or sweatshop labor are:
Answer me Jesus (Answer me Buddha also available, same page)
Baby Jesus Butt Plug
God's Immaculate Rod
Virgin Mary Dildo (robed, for her pleasure)
Jackhammer Jesus

Of course most of these are probably not available at GodMart. You'll have to get those at the GodShack 2 miles south of the airport off exit 666. Cash only, and absolutely positively no returns accepted.

JP said...

You are something else man.

Funny funny.

Anonymous said...

Phillychief, you are incorrigible, evil, definitely going to hell - and hilariously funny. Do I dare ask how you came to know about those items? On second thought, no, I don't want to know.

PhillyChief said...

I'm making extra money working part time at the GodShack. They always need extra holiday staff this time of year. It's hard keeping those shelves stocked with such hot stocking stuffers. ;)

The Exterminator said...

I'm dubious. Are you just stocking the shelves? Or are you the in-store demonstrator?

PhillyChief said...

They have me getting things down from the top shelves mostly since I don't need a ladder, but sometimes they have me handing out samples of Wash Away Your Sins to people leaving the "reading" room. I'm not sure how anybody reads in there though since it's kinda dark.

vjack said...

Outstanding post! I laughed my ass off. And thanks for the link.

vjack said...

I forgot to mention that I was in Wal-Mart last week, enjoying the countless Jesus references in the Christmas music blasting over the loudspeakers. I think you are right about them encouraging their workers to roam the store shouting "Merry Christmas" at shoppers. Good times.

The Exterminator said...


At one of the three WalMarts within five miles of my house -- the one I most often go to -- I was shocked that an outdoor Salvation Army bell-ringer was wishing people "Happy Holidays."

I was so amazed in fact, that I said, "And a very happy holiday to you," and gave the guy a buck.

vjack said...

Cool about the bell ringer. I think the poor guy would have been strung up around here.